FLYBEI | Jun ’16_Russian Far East: Ulbeya River

Jun ’16_Russian Far East: Ulbeya River

  • 24 Nov

  • Alex

World Class Fishing for white spotted arctic char

June 13-25 2016


(pictures coming soon)


Introduction: It is far away, and it is no luxury, but …….it is the trip of a life time! Salvelinus Leucomaenis, Kundzha in Russian and White Spotted Char in English, lives only at the Asian side of the Pacific Ocean. From Southern Kamchatka, the Sea of Okhotsk to North Eastern China and North – West Japan these fish find an immense amount of food in the Pacific and makes its spawning run upstream from the end of May to the beginning of July. As everywhere with Salmonide most of the biggest fish come first. And Ulbeya is very special. Millions of herring gather in the mouth of this river from the beginning of May, an eldorado for the Kundzha. So, nowhere else you’ll find more, bigger and stronger Kundzha than those entering Ulbeya’s river mouth. And finally, Kundzha is not a commercial fish, so no nets, no houses, just you ,the beach, the tents, the water and the fish. Japanese guests love it. The rest of the world doesn’t know yet…….


The river and the fish: The river lays 4-5 hrs drive by Caterpillar north of Okhotsk. It is a mountain river with splendid views. In its lower part it gets wider and is influenced by the seawater levels. We use some rubber boats to get a bit upstream in order to catch some large Dolly Varden, that appears here in 2 different forms and Grayling. But the main fishing is done right from the lower banks. It is not uncommon to catch 3-4 fish in an hour. It is also not uncommon to get a 22 lbs+ fish. On ours expedition we will try to beat the world fly record. Fishing will be done with a 10-11 ft 8-9 wt Fly rod and intermediate – fast sinking lines with large greenish Christmas Tree flies.


The Camp: A temporary camp has to be constructed since there is no civilization around. It consists out of a number of 2-4 pax tents and a main kitchen tent plus improvised shower and toilet. Of course there is a satellite phone in case of emergency when a helicopter would make evacuation of endangered persons. There are some boats to go to the other bank or upriver if necessary. The staff takes care of building tents, preparing meals and conducting boats.


Logistics: As said above, it is far away, but very special… From Europe we fly to Moscow and further to Khabarovsk where we, due to + 9 hrs time difference, arrive next morning followed by a transfer to a hotel and a visit of this beautiful sub tropical city at the Amur river. Next morning the plane leaves for Okhotsk, upon arrival followed by a 4-5 hrs Caterpillar (tank) trip to Ulbeya’s river mouth. Depending upon flight schedules we will stay here 9 nights, followed by a return to Okhotsk , the flight to Khabarovsk and a hotel night. The next morning we will gain the time difference back with flights arriving the same day at Western Europe.



June 13 th: Flights Europe-Moscow- Khabarovsk
June 14 th: Early morning arrival in Khabarovsk, Hotel transfer, sight seeing
June 15 th: Flight from Khabarovsk to Okhotsk ( 4 1/2 hrs), Caterpillar to Camp ( 4-5 hrs). Full Board. June 16th-
June 23 rd: 8 full fishing days with Full Board Camp
June 24 th: Caterpillar back to Okhotsk, Flight to Khabarovsk, Hotel
June 25 th: Flights Khabarovsk-Moscow-Europe, same day arrival


Rate: approx. Euro 3595

  • Included: All Info, domestic flights Khabarovsk- Okhotsk-Okhotsk, Caterpillar Transfer Okhotsk- Ulbeya Camp- Okhotsk, 9 nights Full Board at the Ulbeya Camp, 2 Hotel nights in Khabarovsk, all local transfers, Guide, fishing licenses, visa invitation.
  • Not included: Visa, Flights Europe-Khabarovsk- Europe ( ~Euro 750), Meals outside of the camp, Costs for unexpected changes, drinks, tips


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Guide: Alex Keus:

Guide: Stefan Benzinger: