FLYBEI | Sep ’16_Russian Far East: Okhota

Sep ’16_Russian Far East: Okhota

  • 16 Nov

  • Alex

The world’s best silver salmon fishing

SEPTEMBER 05-17 2016


(pictures coming soon)


Introduction: Okhota ( Russ. Охота, lit. Hunting) is a river in the Khabarovsk Territory, which was historically the easternmost end of the Siberian River systems. It originates from the Sjantar-Khayata Mountain Range and ends after 393 km near Okhotsk in the Sea of Okhotsk. With the exception of the last 2 years we visited the area, with great pleasure, regularly since 2003. Some 10 years ago Wim assisted with the position and the construction of probably one of Russia’s best fishing lodges. Now it’s high time to see it again, and … to catch more Salmon than you’ll ever catch again!


The River and the Fish: The main stream is fairly big but it has many creeks and frequently splits up into numerous branches with grown over islands of pebble beds in between. From the Lodge it is possible to walk for miles and miles and wade and fly fish hundreds of different locations. And even if Northern Japan gets visit of a typhoon with lots of rain , still some parts of the river remain fishable. At the beginning of our stay we will catch the last part of fresh Chum and the first- second part of the big Silver runs. The slack water will be full of Dolly Varden (Salvelinus Malma) and East- Siberian Grayling, whereas every now and then a very nice Kundzha (Salvelinus Leucomaenis) will also grab your fly. Later the runs of fresh Silvers will only get better. It is possible (optional) to visit neighbouring river Ulakhan which in that period gets runs of 2 different kinds of Char. Expect catches of more than 25 fish


The Lodge: The lodge is positioned 100 m away from and 20 m above the river on a spot some 50 km upstream from the 6 km wide river mouth , right on the place where it splits up in several branches.This gives a fantastic home pool .There are 7 heated log cabins of which usually 4 are used by the guests. Each cabin has 2-4 fully made beds. There is a big restaurant annex kitchen, 2 sauna’s and several outdoor toilets. 3 Big motor boats with driver/guide are ready to bring guests to their favorite fishing places. A part of the 5-7 pax staff takes care of the greenhouse producing fresh vegetables, picking berries and mushrooms. Don’t expect to lose weight because the food is delicious….


Logistics: Flights go via Moscow ,with its new and very practical airport, to Khabarovsk with arrival, due a.o. to + 9 hrs time difference, the next morning. Depending upon flight schedule we will have a connecting flight to Okhotsk straight away, but it is more probable to have a hotel night with visit of beautiful subtropical Khabarovsk. In that case there is the domestic flight to Okhotsk on the next morning, followed by a 1 1/2 hr bus and a 20 min boat travel to the Lodge. It should be possible to wet your lines the same day. We will have 9 Full Board camp nights with 8 full days of fishing. After the last camp night we will return to Okhotsk in order to catch the flight to Khabarovsk with another hotel night. On the last day we benefit from the time difference in order to arrive back home on that same day.



05 Sep: SU 2537 DUS SVO 1045 1455   DUS= Düsseldorf   SVO= Sheremetyevo/Moscow

05 Sep: SU 1710 SVO KHV 1720 0750+1   KHV= Khabarovsk

06 Sep: 0750 arrival at Khabarovsk, continuing flight to Okhotsk or hotel Khabarovsk

07 Sep: flight KHV OHO ( ca 4,5 hrs) OHO= Okhotsk, transfer to Okhota Lodge, Full Board, Fishing

08-15 Sep: 8 full days of FB and Fishing

16 Sep: Transfer to Okhotsk airport and flight OHO KHV, transfer to hotel KHV

17 Sep: SU 1711 KHV SVO 1005 1050

17 Sep: SU 2154 SVO DUS 1425 1645


Rate: Euro 3325 (min 6 pax)

Included: Airfare Flights Khabarovsk-Okhotsk-Khabarovsk , all local transfers in Khabarovsk and Okhotsk, 2 Hotel nights with breakfast in Khabarovsk, 9 nights with Full Board in Okhota Lodge, all guided fishing transfers, all fishing licenses, Guiding, visa invitation, full info.

Not included: Airfare Europe-Khabarovsk-Europe (~€ 690, we will inform you), meals outside of the lodge, visa, insurances, costs of unexpected program changes, tips.

Visit Ulakhan: optional


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Guide: Alex Keus:

Guide: Stefan Benzinger: